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posticon 10 years ago today...

10 years ago. Magic Dirt. Ruby’s Lounge. Insane!

This gig is the most epic event I have attended! If I recall correctly, even the band had it up there with the Wanda Surf gig years before.

Considering the amount of drinks consumed by some dirtbags before getting on stage, I had a feeling the gig would go one way or another (a disaster or brilliance).
It quickly escalated to be THE BEST rock n roll experience ever with both the band and crowd going off and came to the climax of Adalita rolling around on stage screaming in to the mic (it reminded me of descriptions of Magic Dirt’s first ever gigs). Such amazing energy that still gives me goose bumps thinking about it.

I miss Dean and I miss Magic Dirt
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Re: 10 years ago today...

One of the best and most memorable gigs we did Chris, twas a ridiculously raucous night but a night where the whole room was in sync and galvanised by music, booze and the politics of the time. Great that you've marked it's anniversary here. We miss Dean too. X
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