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cool magic dirt story

my magic story was very cool and is sort of linked with dean in another way as i had a similar experience with the red sun band later in life. going back to about 1994-95 me and my friends had been watching a surf film over and over again it was australian surfing life movie narrated by roy and hg nelson. i really liked two songs on this movie but didn't know what they were called or who they were by.

anyways maybe a year later some of my older surfing friends said that they were going to watch magic dirt, warped and liquid nails? i think was the line up at the uni in warrnambool. being underage i thought this sounds cool! i better try and get in. so we made the little trek from portland to warrnambool, and yes luckily i got in as i don't know what i would have done out there for 3 hours or so

a few songs into the set magic dirt played redhead and then later touch that space. these were the songs that i loved so much from the video. it was so memorable i was unbelievibly stoked.

and later had a similar experience with the red sun band with the devil song, and at the uni bar also. that was cool but not really comparing with how i felt at my first magic dirt gig. i read a while back that dean had a lot to do with trsb so that is the dean turner link.

for some weird reason the way my brain works, i remember a t shirt that dean was wearing at a gig at the cri in warrnambool years later, it said simon get happy? i'm pretty sure it said that. actually at this gig i remember adalita demanding jp to turn the tv off that was playing the footy. it was pretty cool
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